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We're mapping the startup world. Join us.

Are you the type of person that organizes hack night events and Startup Weekends, is the first to hear about new startups on the scene and is always looking to connect new people into your local startup community? Then you're a leader in your startup community.

Startup Genome is built on the knowledge of local leaders just like you.

Chances are you're already mapping your community in one way or another (maybe just in your head) - why not work with us and contribute to the world's leading startup database?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's My Time Commitment?

    Honestly, it varies. Typically, there is some work up front cleaning up the data we've imported from sources like Crunchbase and AngelList and then also some time plugging the holes that were missed. After that, it's only a matter of approving changes submitted from the public and adding the new startups that launch in your city.

  • How Many Curators Per City?

    As many as needed. Small communities can get by with one or two, while large communities sometimes require more. Startup Genome is a tool to facilitate startup community builders and can be used as unbiased, neutral way to bring your community together. Know of someone else that in town that always has the pulse on new startups? Ask them to help curate your community, too.

  • Why should I do this?

    As a Startup Genome curator, you'll get the chance to better understand your community, be the first to know about new startups and investors that join it and help the place you care about grow. You'll also get to showcase your community by sharing and embedding your Startup Genome community map around the web. Plus, you'll be invited to our private group of curators in other cities around the world.

  • Can An Organization Be A Curator (Instead Of A Person)?

    We believe that startup community builders are usually individuals - so that would be our preference - but we're open to the idea. If you represent an organization that you think is a perfect fit, let us know.

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